EWGA - SA Event Policies


LPGA AGA - San Antonio works diligently to set up fun and affordable golf events and socials for our members.  We have found that utilizing PINGG evites for our events provides a comprehensive service which allows our members to sign up for events by using debit and credit cards for payment through our PayPal account.  In order to utilize the PINGG service, PINGG applies $1 per ticket as a handling and service fee for use of their secure online payment method for all of our members and their guests.  Because LPGA AGA - San Antonio is not authorized to accept credit/debit card payment directly, using PINGG provides our members the convenience of using plastic.  Additional benefits are that participants can accrue points on their chosen card, last-minute unpaid member cancellations are minimized, and event planners can focus on the event itself instead of doing administrative tracking of paid vs. unpaid participants (collecting cash/checks at each event and then getting funds to the Treasurer for deposit).

Events Cancellation Policy

If a participant signs up for an event, either as a pre-paid event or pay at the event, LPGA AGA - San Antonio requires a minimum of 24 hour notice for cancellation.  The cancellation notice may increase depending upon the event but will not be less than 24 hours.  If proper notice for cancellation is not provided, the participant shall forfeit any monies pre-paid, or if unpaid, must pay the fee associated with the event.

If LPGA AGA - San Antonio cancels the event, all monies will be refunded to the participant.

Sign-up Deadline Policy

As LPGA AGA - San Antonio must give a participant count to each event venue in advance of the event, unless otherwise stated, the sign-up deadline for the event is 48 hours prior to the event.  Therefore, for a Saturday morning event, the sign-up deadline is Thursday.

Communication and Publicity Policy

LPGA AGA - San Antonio likes to showcase its members in the activities in which they are participating.  We enjoy sharing stories and pictures with our members, the community and beyond.  Names, pictures and information about events is shared in a variety of methods including, but not limited to, print, photos, and the web; specifically, via the LPGA AGA - San Antonio web page and Also the chapter’s Facebook page.  Using these resources is a great way to stay connected and it allows members and interested members to see what is happening in our organization.  We would also like to share tournament information and competition results with the news media.

LPGA AGA San Antonio does realize that there are situations where sharing basic information (name, photo,etc.) could be a privacy issue or pose a security risk.  Please note our member's addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses are not shared with members or non-members.

If a member does not wish to have their picture or name used, it is that member's responsibility to notify, in writing, our current President or
 Communications Director at lpgacommunicateplaysa@gmail.com.