The Sandhills Chapter offers golf lessons, clinics, and other educational opportunities, directly and through partners.

Chapter Programs

Fairway Friends Mentoring

If you've just finished beginner lessons, or have just been hitting the range since you did ...
We invite you to try out your skills on the course with a "Fairway Friend" from our Chapter.  We'll pair you with a supportive member who'll show you the ropes.  By which we mean things like safety, etiquette, where to park the cart, and how to play speedily despite hitting a lot of shots.  We're not pros, we can't fix your swing, and shouldn't be trying to.  We'd answer your questions about tournament rules if you ask us why we just added a penalty stroke or measured where we should drop.  But the official rules of golf exist ONLY to govern competition, so no one who's just getting started needs to follow or even know them.  The only rules a beginner needs to follow are:
1) Stay aware of where other players are and what they're doing so you don't hurt anyone or get hurt.
2) Don't distract anyone who's hitting, including players on other holes.
3) Don't waste time.  Chat while you're getting to your ball or the next hole, not when you or your partner should be hitting or preparing to hit.
4) HAVE FUN!  Enjoy your good shots, the company, and the pretty surroundings. 

As a beginner, you'll have more fun if you make it easier on yourself, and whatever that takes is perfectly OK.  You can tee up anywhere on the course, give yourself a fluffier lie, or drop a ball where you wish yours had gone instead of looking around in the junk where it probably did go.  Toss your ball out of the bunker if you didn't hit it out, move it out from behind a tree, and so on.  You'll need to do these less as you get better - and when you realize you hardly need to at all, you can start keeping score and learning the rules. (Which your mentor will also help you do!)

You can request a Fairway Friends "mentor" for any of our weekend or weeknight golf events by simply commenting on the Evite!   If you'd like a mentor for casual play, please email our Golf Programs Director, Lisa Bomkamp (, or any other Board member. 

Download the "Fairway Friends" flyer here.

Other Sandhills and Chapter Partner Programs

Another option for new/beginner golfers is the PGA's "Get Golf Ready" program.  Area courses that have offered this program in the past include the Stryker course at Ft.  Bragg, and Carolina Lakes in Sanford.  You can check for upcoming programs near you at:

If you're an experienced golfer who wants to sharpen up your game, please contact our Chapter Pro, Charlaine Hirst at (910) 603-8700, or email her -  She's terrific, as are her rates for private lessons and "practice with the Pro" sessions!