Event Photos & Results

Stryker Outing with Bragg LGA 6/25/16


Chapter Championship 2016 - 6/19/16 at Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club

 Competitors & Volunteers

 Championship Flight winner was medalist, carding an 84 from the 2nd tee set
   2nd Flight low gross winner Elaine Simon took overall low net honors with a 62

 1st Flight Low Gross winner Charlene McKay
   1st Flight low net winner Brenda D'Onle
 3rd Flight low gross winner Jeryl Bratcher
   4th Flight low gross winner Anne Wells
 Winning scramble team: Ronda Powell, Amy Massey, Leena Asplund, Sandy Maney
   Elaine Simon with 3rd Flight winners Matti Jakobsen (Low net) and Jeryl Bratcher (low Gross)

Sandhills Cup 2016 - 5/22/16 at Legacy Golf Links

Sandhills Cup, Sandhills v. Raleigh in singles match play

Sorry, no pics, but final results were: Sandhills beat Raleigh with 4.5 points v. 3.5 points

This brings the cumulative total since the inaugural Sandhills Cup in 2012 to three wins for Sandhills and two wins for Raleigh.  (Which is less meaningful than it might be from the standpoint of Chapter pride.  Not only do both chapters have lots of dual members, but some of them have played for both teams over the last five years!)

Individual match results:

Sandhills Raleigh Winning chapter   
Winning player    
Sandhills Points  
Raleigh Points  
Olga Manning
Chris Merrill
 Raleigh Merrill
0  1
Ronda Powell
Paula Trexler
Sandhills Powell 1


Matti Jakobsen
Carmen Faircloth       
Sandhills Jakobsen 1 0
Anne Wells
Martha Ford
Raleigh Ford 0


Kathy Eaton
Amy Massey
Raleigh Massey


Jeryl Bratcher
Amy Massey
Sandhills Bratcher 1 0
Elaine Simon
Margie Snider
All Square
All Square      


Nina Renaud
Lois Makoid
Sandhills Renaud 1 0
Totals       4.5 3.5

Densons Creek outing 4/16/16

Thanks to Elaine Simon, we have some photos from our outing at Densons Creek:



Year-End Celebration at Mid Pines/Pine Needles

On Sunday, December 6, we welcomed 25 members and guests to our year-end event in the Terrace Room at Mid Pines.

We began with the famous Bell Grande breakfast buffet.  We then recognized and thanked our 2015 Chapter board members, volunteers and recruiters, and presented each with a small token of our appreciation.  We adjourned after introducing our 2016 Board.

Last on the agenda was golf on Pine Needles at a superb rate.

Some photos from the meeting portion at Mid Pines:

 Event Chair Amy Massey, Elaine Simon & Anne Wells at our welcome sign
 The "thank you" gifts for our 2015 volunteers & recruiters
 Avis Bostic, Carol Pemberton, Bobbie Little, Elaine Simon, Nina Renaud
Rivia Brown, Wendell Wells, Anne Wells, Amy Massey
 Gloria Woodyear Ronda Powell, Amy, Rivia, O'Dell Massey
 Ronda & John Powell


2015 Sandhills Chapter Championship Results

And the winners were:

Championship Flight: Julie Shore, the Chapter Champion. 
Shooting 81, Julie not only won the Championship flight, but overall low gross honors.  And she tied for overall low net with Susan Lamar and Matti Jakobsen, since her net 70 from the gold tees was equivalent to net 68 from the reds after adjusting for the two-stroke difference in the ratings.

First Flight: Shari Dutton, low gross (87), Susan Lamar, low net (68)

Second Flight: Gloria Woodyear, low gross (99), Olga Manning, low net (76)

Third Flight:  Elaine Simon, low gross (101), Matti Jakobsen, low net (68)

Fourth Flight: Deb Fortune, low gross (125), Lois Makoid, low net (90)

Scramble Team: Leena Asplund, Jenny Bruce, Amy Massey, Ronda Powell - 77 gross, 73 net

Par is 74 at Southern Pines GC, so 6 of our flight winners and our scramble team had sub-par rounds! 

Congratulations to all winners and qualifiers for the semi-finals in Weaverville!  The Chapter wishes you all success and enjoyment at Reems Creek.

2015 KICKOFF PHOTOS - Celebrating the Chapter's 5th Anniversary

Jeryl Bratcher, Bonnie Howard, Elaine Simon, Sandy Maney, Olga Manning, and Lissa Dailey, all of whom joined the Chapter in 2010, and were recognized as helping to found and establish it
   New members Anna Edwards and Matti Jakobsen, with Terri Watt
 New members Bobbie Little and Mary Sweet with Sandy Maney
  Karen Reese May with new members Avis Bostic and C.W. McLemore
 Julie Shore, an EWGA member since 1996, and Heather Sweet
   Chapter Directors Karen Smith, Elaine Simon, and Maureen Brophy
Sponsor-members Marsha Farrell and Judy Byrd, with their sales displays of cart seat covers and essential oils (or what was left of them after the shopoholics hit!)
  Jenny Bruce and Carmen Faircloth, with Marsha and Judy in the background - all "dual members" who also belong to the Raleigh Chapter
 Entrance to the Terrace Room at Mid Pines

 The Mid Pines course

2014 Championship Results

2014 Championship Photos

Cindy Cline, Julie Shore

Laura Dorner, Karen Smith, Rita Roberts, Shari Dutton

Shay McCarty, Terri Watt, Elaine Simon

Jeryl Bratcher, Maureen Brophy, Gloria Woodyear

Olga Manning, Nina Renaud, Linnie Dawsey, Martha Butler

Lissa Dailey, Lois Makoid

Sandy Maney, Pam Cassels, Amy Massey, Carmen Faircloth

EWGA Champions Cup Finals 2012

The Sandhills Chapter Team, the "Sandies", won 7-1/2 match points out of 12 to take the 2nd place trophy at the 2nd annual EWGA Champions Cup team match play National Finals.  The finals were held November 10 & 11 at Sycuan Resort in El Cajon, CA near San Diego.  Forty-nine teams competed in four regional qualifiers, with the top four teams from each regional advancing, for a total of sixteen winning teams competing in the finals.  Ours was the smallest chapter in the entire Association to field a full team to compete in the match play, so we're very proud of the result! 

We congratulate the National Champions, team Orlando FL Chapter (the "O-Town Q-Tees"), who won an impressive 9-1/2 match points against the top teams association-wide.  Click here for full team results.

The Sandies team for the National Finals was: Andrea Hodel (Captain), Jamie McDevitt, Karen Smith, Ronda Powell, Laura Dorner, Nina Renaud, Amy Massey, and Raleigh chapter President Dawn Roberts.

And the team that got us there by winning 8 match points at the Regional Qualifier at Hilton Head in September:
Cindy Cline, Sandy Maney, Andrea, Jamie, Ronda, Laura, Nina, and Amy.

Click here for the full team record at Nationals, and here for the full team record at Regionals.

Every member of both teams contributed to the points total - great job all around!

The team with their trophies:  Laura Dorner, Karen Smith, Ronda Powell, Amy Massey, Nina Renaud, Dawn Roberts, and team captain Andrea Hodel -- also holding Jamie McDevitt's trophy. 

Close-up of the trophy... with the "Cup" that was in the goodie bag presented to each player at the Regional Qualifier by "Captain Andy".  Nina Renaud carried hers with her as a good luck charm through both rounds at both levels - and is darn glad she did!

The cart staging on Sunday at Sycuan.  Note the outerwear - and Sunday was the WARM day!  

Fortunately, the cold snap was predicted, so as you can see below, the team was prepared and packed layers.

The qualifying team in Hilton Head:
Laura Dorner, Sandy Maney, Andrea Hodel (front row), Nina Renaud, Ronda Powell, Jamie McDevitt, Amy Massey, Cindy Cline (back row)

Carolinas Regional Semifinals 2012

The Chapter's winners at Little River:

Cindy Cline and Andrea Hodel, who tied for first place low gross in the Championship Flight.  Cindy won the sudden-death playoff to advance to Nationals.

Bonnie Howard, who took a decisive victory in the First Flight to advance to Nationals.

Chapter Championship 2012

Chapter Championship Results, Pine Needles, June 10

Chapter Championship Photos

The competitors:
Kneeling L - R: Teresa Halliday, Sandy Maney, Lissa Dailey, Bonnie Howard, Elaine Simon, Jeryl Bratcher, and Maureen Brophy.  Semi-squatting: Olga Manning, Deborah Fortune.  Standing: Gloria Woodyear, Andrea Hodel, Donna Samper, Amy Massey, Nina Renaud, Julie Shore, Jane Pajak, Shari Dutton, Cindy Cline, and Laura Dorner.  We missed Jamie McDevitt and Ronda Powell -- probably on the range at the time!

Tournament Day Director Kelly Bryson takes a break to commune with the headcovers. 

The Chapter thanks Championship Director Shari Dutton, Kelly, Elizabeth Rose (who helped get all the competitors signed in and gifted), and the great golf staff at Pine Needles for a memorable tournament. 

Sandhills Cup Matches, May 12, 2012

Sandhills Cup Results

The Sandhills Chapter took home the "Sandhills Cup" (a pub glass painted with green nail polish!) in the inaugural Sandhills Cup challenge to Raleigh in singles match play.  The Sandhills team had five match wins vs. four matches won by Raleigh.  Tough deciding who played on which team, though, with 5 players belonging to both chapters!  The #1 result was we all made some new friends - but the match results were:
Match #1, Andrea Hodel (Sandhills) over Donna Samper (a dual member playing for Raleigh), 5 and 3. 
Match #2, Shari Dutton (Sandhills) over Susan Lockard, 4 and 2.
Match #3, Cindy Cline (Sandhills) over Penny Polson, 2 and 1.
Match #4, Elaine Simon (Sandhills) over Laura Ross, 8 and 7.  And a big CONGRATULATIONS to Elaine, who shot an 88!
Match #5, Gloria Woodyear (Sandhills) over Lissa Dailey (another dual playing for Raleigh), 1 up.
Match #6, Ronda Powell (Raleigh) over Nina Renaud, 1 up.
Match #7, Laura Dorner (a dual member playing for Raleigh) over Amy Massey (another dual playing for Sandhills), 1 up.
Match #8, Mary Lida Alexander (Raleigh) over Maureen Brophy, 6 and 5.
Match #9, Ai-Hwei Yang (Raleigh) over Jeryl Bratcher, 3 and 2.

(Hey, if I'd have known I'd turn the tide against Sandhills, I'd have put myself in the last group!)

Anyway, some photos from this fun event:

       The victorious Sandhills team, with the Sandhills Cup:
Cindy Cline, Elaine Simon & Nina Renaud (front row); Andrea Hodel, Amy Massey, Gloria Woodyear, Maureen Brophy, Shari Dutton, and Jeryl Bratcher
The Raleigh team: from left, Susan Lockard, Laura Dorner (also a Sandhills member), Ronda Powell, Donna Samper (another dual), Mary Lida Alexander, Ai-Hwei Yang, Penny Polson, Lissa Dailey (our first Raleigh dual member!), and Laura Ross.

      Shari Dutton and Cindy Cline         Laura Ross and Lissa Dailey
   Elaine Simon and Gloria Woodyear  Nina Renaud, Laura Dorner, Ronda Powell, Amy Massey
 Mary Lida Alexander, Amy Massey, Maureen Brophy Ai-Whei Yang, Penny Polson, Laura Dorner, Mary Lida, Maureen, Laura Ross, Donna Samper and Andrea Hodel
 The gang celebrating/relaxing in the clubhouse...  .. and more of the same..
 Ditto. The "master engraver" puts the 2012 winning team name on the Sandhills Cup trophy.  Hey, somebody get that bar bill, can't you see I'm busy?

A giant "thank you" to ALL the players for coming, and being such good sports!  Let's do it again in 2013!  


Event Photos & Results

Photos from the Kickoff


 Sparkle and Theresa Johnson

 Andrea Hodel, Teresa Halliday, Jane Pajak


 Front row: Shari Dutton, Cindy Cline, Andrea;
 back row: Bonnie Howard, Teresa, Amy Massey

 Jeryl Bratcher and Elaine Simon


 Jane, Amy, Sandy Maney

 Holly Meystre and Ginger Addis

Let the games begin!

The Lunch & Learn at the Hickory Tavern was one fabulous way to spend lunch hour!  Veronica Karaman of True Champion Coaching got us started on the road to becoming true champions with a 7-step personal development system.  Celebrating our new passion and focus: Shari Dutton, Jennifer Maples, Nina Renaud, Veronica, and Amy Massey.   

Check "Local Golf Education Opportunities" under Sandhills Events - you still have the opportunity to get into one of Veronica's upcoming clinics with golf instruction as well the keys to putting your mind and emotions in a position to score.