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Volunteer Opportunities

EWGA-PDX always needs members to help make our Chapter the best there is and our activities everything you want! The duties, responsibilities and ways to get things done are described under the PDF headings below, including board positions, board chairs and committees. Click on the job title...

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EWGA-Portland League Drop-In Policy

What you need to know about dropping in ($5 fee) versus subbing (no extra fee and pay player directly). Also, an explanation of why we no longer allow drop ins to pay no shows directly. #AllBoardMembers #ChapterOperationsManual #Treasurer #Communications #League #President ...

DropIn Policy1.docx

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Membership Registration Instructions

how to sign on to website and register for Members Only Events #AllBoardMembers #ChapterOperations


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Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsor contract, explanation of sponsorship levels, what sponsor pays and what EWGA-PDX provides in return #ChapterOperations #Form #AllBoardMembers #ChapterFinances