Handicap Help

Handicap Help

Need Handicap Help?

Our Chapter Handicap Administrator is Sandi Buell at svbuell@yahoo.com or 727-415-8036.  She can assist you in many ways:

  • Get you started entering scores to establish a Handicap.

  • Change or Delete Scores/Rounds when you have issues.

  • Update your LPGA Amateurs Handicap (GolfNet) Status. If you choose to maintain your handicap through a different system (e.g., private country club, GHIN), Sandi can change your GolfNet Handicap status to Inactive. We do not recommend maintaining your Handicap Index in more than one system.

  • If you have not entered scores for more than 12 months, GolfNet will automatically set you to Inactive. Sandi can adjust your status to Active once you begin playing again.

Did you know?

The maximum official handicap for women is 40.4. If your posted scores result in a handicap that is larger, your Handicap Index will be appended by an "L", which stands for local use.

*  If you are a new or beginner golfer and would like to establish a handicap, it is recommended that you begin entering scores when you can consistently break a score of 65 for 9 holes.

The Handicap Index reflects the player's potential because it is based on the best scores posted for a given number of rounds, typically the best 10 of the last 20 rounds.

*  This is why it's important to enter ALL eligible scores, including the high ones, because only the 10 best of 20 will be used to calculate your Handicap. If you don't, your Handicap will be too low for your ability to win in competition. This is also known as a Vanity Handicapper.

*  The opposite is true when you don't post your lowest scores, meaning your level of play is better than your Handicap Index. Resulting in an abnormally low score in competition, this type of player is known as a Sandbagger.

Once you have established an official Handicap Index, your hole scores will be subject to adjustment by ESC, or Equitable Stroke Index. The ESC sets a limit to the number of strokes a player can take based on the Course Handicap. For more information on ESC, see usga.com.