League Play

November 7, 2016 – March 12, 2017

  • Belleview Biltmore Winter League, Clearwater, FL
    Winter league starts on Thursday, November 10th with tee times starting at 2pm. You have the option of playing 18 holes for $30 or 9 holes for $20
    Contact information: Sandi Buell at svbuell@yahoo.comor call 727-415-8036
  • Countryside Country Club Winter League, Clearwater, FL
    We play all year long on Sundays with tee times between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm. This is an 18 hole league and the cost is $32.
    Contact information: Rebecca Pehlke at rebecca.pehlke@medpro.com
  • Pebble Creek Winter League, Tampa, FL
    Our league is year round but we change the starting time during the winter season We play 18 holes for $25 or 9 holes for $15 with tee times begin at 1:15 pm
    Contact information: Lynn Cronin at dlynncronin@verizon.net or call 813-784-1948
  • Westchase Golf Club Winter League, Tampa, FL
    Winter league will begin on Wednesday, November 9th with tee times beginning at 1 pm. You will have the option of playing 18 holes at 1:00 pm for $31 or 9 holes for $20 at 3:00pm. Your fee includes a drink ticket and range balls.
    Contact information: Nancy Murphy at murphyn01@gmail.com or 330-414-8138